About Us




UHETV is a video streaming platform that delivers quality content to a diverse global audience. Our platform can entertain you in the U.S., as well as in overseas territories. We provide video distribution through thetelevision, smartphone,  game console, and more.


Programming:   We have licensed and non-licensed content, for a community of independent producers, filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians, to showcase their work on a global scale. A commitment to creativity and collaboration guides us to bring our consumers original content. We pride ourselves in providing a platform for streaming films, webisodes, short films, animation, web series, music and much more.


Content Distribution:  UHETV offers content providers a 2Teir Platform airing videos through our website. The online streaming platform, uhetv.com, has reached over 3.5million household and 23 countries showcasing quality content entertaining viewers for the past few years, free of charge. Nielsen has rated UHETV’s online streaming platform. As of June 2015, UHETV VOD Channel, with Comcast, is now live in the Big South markets, with the capability to reach 5Million households.  By January 2016, UHETV Fio’s VOD Channel Nationwide will be live. Content submission:content@uhetv.com


UHETV Audience has been primarily ethnically diverse, and media savvy;  target demographic is Female and Male 18-45 years of age.



For information about UHETV, e-mail us info@uhetv.com